Smart Finance – AI in Language Technology 06.07.2021

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On Tuesday, 6 July 2021, we will be looking at the opportunities and challenges of a groundbreaking technology: artificial intelligence in speech technology, where chatbots and speech systems independently shape the dialogue between humans and machines in natural language. Artificial intelligence often causes initial scepticism at first. Because even though the technology is advanced, most people still don’t have too many touch points of contact with it. We want to ask: How do you gain trust? In which areas is AI already being used within companies today? What added value does the use of AI offer? What are the opportunities and risks?

Johannes Sommer, CEO of the AI solutions provider for automated exploitation of content and speech, company and natural language

expert Retresco, will present exciting cases on Tuesday evening. He will show us the strategic advantages of language technology, for example, how to make existing processes smarter, individualise customer communication and achieve efficiency through automation.

This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on AI in speech technology with

Johannes Sommer, CEO Retresco
Fabian Beringer, CEO e-bot7
Andreas Penzel, Member of the Executive Board ISS Software

The panel will be moderated by Kai Werner, Managing Director at main incubator.

We look forward to seeing you on 6.7.21

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