Like other industries and society as a whole, the financial services industry has been subject to major changes for years due to numerous new technologies. They are increasingly forcing new solutions in the areas of infrastructure, products and services.

In our new series of main incubator papers, we broaden our view and ask for the first time, what happens to financial services when profound technological changes are taking place among customers as well? In the first paper we focus on additive manufacturing:

What are the consequences of additive manufacturing for financing volumes, insurance and credit risk assessments, for example, when products are produced close to the customer on demand, when long delivery routes are eliminated, when material consumption drops, when production devices with their own identities make payments alone, when bits are seamlessly combined with atoms and cells? And how can financial services be linked to this?

We supplement this view with one from the fields of science, sustainability, law, the investor and one on the technology interfaces to make the complexity of this profound change more tangible.

For this paper we were able to win Erik Feldbaum from ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing and Julian Westpfahl, partner at SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte, as co-authors, to whom we would like to express our sincere thanks at this point.

You can download the paper here (paper is in German):

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