Making the right decisions through ad-hoc simulation: main incubator invests in the software startup Valsight

Press release from main incubator & Valsight

  • Valsight’s software solution supports companies with their transformation to an agile corporate management
  • main incubator, early-stage investor and research and development unit of Commerzbank Group, is investing a seven-digit amount in the Berlin startup

Berlin/Frankfurt am Main, August 17, 2020: The main incubator has acquired a stake in the Berlin software startup Valsight. The main incubator is the early stage investor of the Commerzbank Group, who invested a seven-digit amount in Valsight.

With this investment, main incubator wants to support the startup, which was founded in 2015, in its further growth and also make its services available to Commerzbank customers. Valsight has developed a specialized cloud solution for simulation of scenarios in real-time.

With its simulation software, Valsight addresses the enormous challenges that are currently facing the controlling departments of many enterprises and groups: Sudden short-time work, unexpected production losses or fluctuating market prices. These hard-to-predict factors can have an immense impact on financial planning and corporate management. Previously used methods and common Business Intelligence (BI) and planning software are not always up to these fast-moving market dynamics.

This is where Valsight comes in with its software-as-a-solution (SaaS) solution and offers companies the flexibility and transparency they need for an agile and future-oriented management control and planning.

Especially in times of high volatility, group controlling must be able to react quickly to changing market conditions and other challenges. At Commerzbank, we therefore rely on the consistent digitalization of controlling processes and use intelligent software solutions such as Valsight“, says Carsten Schmitt, Head of Group Finance at Commerzbank.

With its specialized SaaS solution, Valsight makes financial planning, forecasting and simulation of what-if scenarios not only more transparent, but also significantly more agile and faster. Simulation results can be displayed and analyzed ad hoc and interactively in diagrams, dashboards and an integrated presentation mode. This enables companies to gain real-time insights and accelerate decision-making processes.

Valsight and its software solution optimize important control processes in companies and thus help corporate managements to gain the necessary security to make right decisions in a dynamic and complex environment. With our investment, we are pleased to be able to offer interested corporate clients a software solution enabling them to evaluate financial scenarios faster and better than before,” explains Julian Bürklein, Senior Investment Manager at main incubator.

Khai Tran, co-founder and managing director of Valsight, confirms: “Times are dynamic and volatile – standing still is not an option. In order to successfully manage in real time, companies must be able to look ahead to the future at all times. Simulating scenarios helps at this point and a software that uncompromisingly supports this approach. With Valsight we prove that corporate management and innovation are very compatible. We offer controlling and finance teams a solution that enables them to perform their strategic tasks at the speed and with the quality which is expected of them today.”

Valsight was founded in 2015 out of the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam and has long outgrown its institutional roots. In recent years, the software startup has already won a large number of well-known customers, including Linde, Volkswagen, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Commerzbank, AIDA Cruises, Thalia and DATEV.