Handelsblatt Diamond Star – Digital Banking Award 2020

This year, on the eve of the Handelsblatt Banking Summit 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, the Handelsblatt Diamond Star – Digital Banking Award was presented in two categories. The many great applications did not make it easy for the jury to find the winners.
Of the applicants for the award in the category “Digital Banking”, main incubator convinced the jury with the project “Lissi”. “Lissi” (Let’s initiate self sovereign-identity) creates extensive possibilities for the data sovereignty of individuals, companies and institutions. In addition to the main incubator, Aareal Bank and DZ Bank were also nominated for the Diamond Star with innovative and forward-looking projects.

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Our thanks go to our partners:
Technische Universität Berlin, ING Deutschland, Bundesdruckerei, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank und auch an alle SSI4DE Partner.