BtT online – Sustainability & Impact Investing

Dear BtT community,

Our October issue is all about sustainability and impact investing!

Impact investing is becoming more popular with investors. For this, companies have to prove that they trigger positive ecological or social effects. The greatest challenge is aligning economic interests with sustainability. But there are increasingly many actors who are trying to do just that and are also successful with it.

We are therefore looking forward to our keynote speaker Andreas Rickert, CEO of phineo. They help to combine ideas and capital in order to address the most pressing challenges of our time – and thus contribute to the financing of the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

We welcome Moritz Schwarz, Initiator & Sustainability Expert of the Impact Festival 2021 as a side note speaker. The 2-day festival in April 2021 brings together pioneers / thought leaders / start-ups, companies and investors to develop sustainable business models discuss and develop.

In addition to our keynote & side note, we of course also have pitches for you again. Look forward to the start-ups green city solutions and circunomics.

We are already looking forward to seeing you online again on October 6th at BtT!

Your BtT team