BtT Online – Quantum Computing 05.05.2020

Dear BtT community,

Unfortunately we had to cancel our event in March at short notice. We were all the more pleased that our Between the Towers online edition was very well received in April. That’s why we decided to organize the March edition again.

In our May edition, everything revolves around quantum computers that can interpret and process information much faster than conventional computers. While the classic computer works with bits that can only assume two states (1 or 0), quantum computers work with qubits. These can assume not only one, but several states at the same time. As a result, they can perform an unbelievable number of computing operations in a very short time.

We welcome Mark Mattingley-Scott, Q Ambassador Leader EMEA at IBM Germany and Chairman Bitkom Big Data WG as keynote speakers. He will give us insights into working with quantum computers and show what we can already achieve with this technology today and what we can expect from this technology in the future.

We are also delighted to see Benno Broer, CEO of the start-up Qu & Co, as a side note on our virtual stage. Qu & Co translates information into the corresponding quantum algorithms and implements them on quantum processors from hardware partners. You can then integrate these new methods into existing workflows and business solutions

We look forward to welcoming you to another online edition of Between the Towers.

Your BtT team