BtT – Cyber Security 07.04.2020

Dear BtT community,

after the turbulences due to the Corona virus, we are now looking forward with optimism and would like to invite you to our next event on Tuesday, April 7th, on the topic of Cyber Security.

The internet is omnipresent and therefore not only the positive but also the negative aspects like cyber attacks. Crime statistics worldwide show that cyber attacks, from which neither private individuals nor companies are immune, have the fastest growing figures. This is due to the increasing digital transformation and the introduction of IoT-enabled devices that collect vast amounts of data about us at work or at home. In view of these facts, one has to ask oneself: Are we protecting ourselves sufficiently against such attacks? And is absolute protection even possible?

Even if we do not want to admit it yet – data is the new oil and protecting our data from such attacks will become even more important in the future.

In this light, we are very pleased to welcome Rico Schumann from CenturyLink as our keynote speaker. At this evening, he will present 15 security challenges that may affect us both – on a private and on a professional level.

We are also looking forward to meeting Ute Richter, Managing Director of the Digital Hub Cybersecurity from Darmstadt. She leads the leading innovation community for cybersecurity in Germany and will give an overview of the work of your hub.

As pitches we have the following companies as guests: Code Intelligence from Bonn, AUTHADA from Darmstadt and last but not least Veronym will present itself on our stage.

We are already looking forward to seeing you again in large numbers at the Westend Campus on April 7th.

Your BtT-Team