Artificial Intelligence 10/01/19

Dear BtT Community!

In October it’s all about Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence will play a decisive role in changing our work, our society, everything around our lives.

Vahe Andonians, Entrepreneur and Lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance has agreed to give the keynote speech of the evening “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

After a short introduction to the current state of artificial intelligence (AI), we will touch on the effects on jobs and show how AI can make us better humans. To understand the implications better, we will dive deeper into the core technology creating this the latest hype – deep learning and backpropagation, using examples of Natural Language Processing.

Then there are short presentations of deepset, 100 words, inspirient and epicinsights.

Finally, the COO of Commerzbank AG, Jörg Hessenmüller, will hold a few concluding words.

We hope to see you on site.

See you soon!

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